Arm, Elbow, Finger and Wrist Support
Arm, Elbow, Finger and Wrist Support


AQ Support Sport Support 

Elbow Support

Elbow is structured by the humerus, ulna and radial, whereas outer is coated by the ligaments, muscles and synovial capsule. Muscle or tendon injury is common in sports that require holding racket, by wearing professional Elbow Support, specific areas can be pressurized to avoid injury; and ligaments, synovial capsule injury often occur in the situation of collision or fall, warding Sport Support can reduce chances of injury effectively.

Finger Support

Finger support enhances joint stabilization and providing adequate range of motion during activity and enhance protection for finger ligament.  

Wrist Support

Wrist is joint formed by radial, ulnar and carpal, middle carpal has eight pieces. The complex structure enables the meticulous movement. Minor injuries such as improper force using or wrist joint pain due to holding rackets in play repeatedly; severe injuries such as being hit or hand push on the floor in a fall and others that cause ligament sprain, rupture and even fractures. Through the sport support, it can absorb wrist compression force and thus reduce wrist injuries.

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