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Warm-up is an action performed gently through a short-term of period, it is a preparatory activity that makes the body gradually adaptable to the imminence of intense sport, by allowing the muscle to be contracted ahead, increasing body temperature and blood circulation. Warm-up exercise can reduce the occurence of sport injuries, also further enhancing muscle reaction speed and flexibility, hence doing warm-up exercise before any sport is essential.

Sport support is the first and foremost safeguards that an athlete should established before a practice or competition, for protecting whole body joints and muscles. Before a play, apart from having a proper & full warm-up in order to exert optimum muscle mobility, a good athlete will also need to have a complete protection on their joints. This is to maintain the momentum of the body and therefore keep athlete to perform steadily, also improving stamina, attaining "Safety, Flexibility, high efficiency" state of performance. 

We provide wide range of sport support as follows

- Ankle, thigh, knee, shin and calf support

- Elbow, wrist and finger support

- Gel pack, kinesiology tape and athletic tape

- Head, neck, chest and back shoulder support

- Waist and back support


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