Gel Pack, Kinesiology Tape and Athletic Tape
Gel Pack, Kinesiology Tape and Athletic Tape


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Gel Pack

When accident occurred during sport, the first priority is to use PRICE emergency injury treatment principles.

P [Protection] protect and fix injured area

R [Rest] stop mobility at injured area

I [Ice] ice to control inflammation

C [Compression] compression to reduce swelling 

E [Elevation] elevation helps to stop bleeding

Timely I [Ice] application is the most important. On the spot, the using of freeze spray to cool down the injured area immediately suppress pain, and repeat ice pack application will be able effectively control the inflammation and swelling, allowing you to return to the playing field faster.

Kinesiology Tape and Athletic Tape

Kinesiology Tape and Athletic Tape aims to prevent injury, help in accident management and prevent injury recurrence. Products include patch tape, for PRICE emergency injury treatment use and other related products. The core purpose of Sport Support is to develop good protection habits in time, learn self bandage protection and PRICE emergency injury treatment principles, this is not only to reduce the risk of sports injuries, but also to improve athletic performance and prolong a professional sports career lifetime.

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